Adolescents & Electrolysis
October 9, 2014
Adolescents & Electrolysis
October 9, 2014


The Best Gift of Life is to Give Life – the Miracle of Birth.

During pregnancy changes occur internally and externally. A variation of symptoms takes place beside the sense of smell and taste that may be a surprise or turn one off. Likewise, while welcoming the perfect set of hair on the head for some, may not have the same effect on unwanted places.

Understandably, excessive hair growth can cause great concern of discomfort and self-consciousness in one’s life. What may appear to look like hirsutism (amount of hairs in wrong places), during pregnancy stages, is in fact very different than genetic. Because, of the dynamic of the hormones that are most likely, to reverse after birth – living behind that strand of unwanted hairs.

Permanent Hair Removal can safely and successfully be achieved during this period. Excess hair growth may appear on the back, stomach, arms and legs, more visibly on the face and breasts. While all being safe, restriction may apply on the stomach area and on the breasts, especially during the last trimester.

Thermolysis/Shortwave frequency, will be the best suitable method of electrolysis. Alternating current (AC) a low intensity provides the comfort level to the mother to be and the unborn child.

Unlike Galvanic or Blend methods the use of direct current (DC), here should not be the preferred choice. Please ask your electrologist to make the right selection.

“We are our choices”

-Jean-Paul Sartre

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