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October 10, 2014
Fall and Winter
October 10, 2014

Is a hormonal problem; elevated levels of male hormones (androgens), causing women to have a range of symptoms. Small cysts in the ovaries are the characteristic collection of symptoms.

Symptoms related to elevated androgen levels include acne, excess hair growth on the body (hirsutism), male-pattern hair loss, obesity, weight gain,  oily  skin, dandruff in addition to skin discoloration amount through to other important medical issues.

Statistics show that, PCOS occurs in 5% to 10% of women. The symptoms of PCOS may begin in adolescence with menstrual irregularities, or a woman may not know she has PCOS until later in life when symptoms and/or infertility occur. Women of all group may be concern.
What determines the level of self-esteem is what the individual does.

Nathaniel Branden

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