TG and Electrolysis
October 10, 2014
Happy New Year 2012!!!
October 10, 2014
TG and Electrolysis
October 10, 2014
Happy New Year 2012!!!
October 10, 2014

It was a beautiful sunny day in many ways – driving up to Tarrytown NY, on an early Sunday morning with Lia and Xenia, Tati met us there. A real joy to reconnect with old and new colleagues exchanging tips or recapturing memories, catching up on the buzz – a real benefit from the industry events.

We all know that conditioning our self or management care in office place is the key to eliminate the stress of every day’s demands. Thus, minimal aches and pains due to muscle spasm or foot cramps or carpel syndrome, allowed us to best focus on performance with every day remedies techniques.

Regular topics such as infection control and sterilization are perhaps common knowledge – so is proper hygiene. Yet, diseases are all around us and we can never be reminded enough of the simple task  of “hands washing” and proper, effective, imperative sterilization CDC (Center of Diseases Control) by laws.

Digital computerized Electrolysis equipment era comes a long way. From one tenth of a second performance to one millieme of a second or 13.5 megahertz, to now witnessing a 27 megahertz is absolutely “la crème de la crème” in terms of comfort, speed, result – Coming our way in our clinic!

Continuing education through those events is the “Who’s, What” that you should never have to ask, it is delivered to us. Being informed to inform You, our clientele is the key to our success.

Here are my associate’s comments from our November Conference.



Left to right; Xenia, Catherine La Gruta NYEA President, Tati, Carolyne Deljudice former President, Lia, Monique back center


On Sunday November 13th we participated in the annual electrology event that was held this year in Doubletree, Tarrytown. It is very imperative to be present in these seminars in order to share amongst collegues new trends in the profession. Our goal is to constantly aim in a more efficient and convenient service for both the client and the electrologist.





NY Electrolysis Association Continuing Education Event is a once a year meeting for AEA members.

This years meeting discussed a Cause of Chronic Muscle Pain specific to the practice of Electrology. Attendees did the demonstration of self-treatment that will release the tension.

In the second part of the event attendees learned how to Customize Modalities and perform procedures which will benefit their clients in more effective treatment.

In the third part of the event attendees reviewed the “Proper Infection Control procedures.” How to keep a proper hygienic environment to minimize the risk of transmission of infectious diseases between the practitioner and the client.

The event has been helpful for Electrologists to meet and exchange their outlook on the industry. The field has been growing and expanding, it is very important to keep with the new standards and demands.

“Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance”

Will Durant

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