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There are many methods of hair removal in the market today- however Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method that Permanently removes unwanted hairs.

Once you decide that Electrolysis is the method for you, the next step will be to choose an Electrologist.

The right electrologist will be an important factor to determine the successful completion of your treatment. His/her efficiency will determine how long it takes, how comfortable the treatment is and how your skin fares

Hence, choosing an electrologist can require some research, thought and preparation. Here are a few tips of how to find and what to look for:

Word of mouth– people usually do not discuss their hair removal methods but a friend’s recommendation is very helpful to find a true and trusted professional. Your doctor, a dermatologist, endocrinologist or a general practitioner can offer valuable information too. They might also have clients that have experienced and liked the process and the electrologist.

Phone book, Internet etc – These are great tools to find an electrologist near you, but make sure you check out their reviews, give them a call and ask if they do needle electrolysis, which types of electrolysis (galvanic, thermolysis or blend) are available, years they are in business, their qualifications etc. Ask as many questions as you can, a professional staff will be able to help you with most questions. There are certain things not discussed on the phone, not because they are being evasive but because they will not know until they see you and your area of concern. Remember to ask them during your consultation.

Your electrologist should be Licensed and Certified– they should have:

*A State License, if the state that they practice regulates Electrolysis.

*Certification – Common national certifications include: CPE (Certified Professional Electrologist) a certification governed by the AEA ;CME (Certified Clinical Electrologist); a certification governed by SCME; RE (Registered Electrologist). They should have all these on display for anyone to see.

* Professional Associations , some of the largest trade groups are AEA (American Electrology Association), NYEA (New York Electrology Association), IGPE, SCME, ESNE, IBE, COPE.

They offer a Consultation/Evaluation– a requirement by any professional electrologist prior to any treatment. They have you fill a history card, get your feedback, answer all your questions and concerns, make an individual plan for you, discuss length and duration of treatments, give an estimate of how much it will cost and ways (ex packages) of how to make it much more cost effective. Feel free to ask as many questions as possible, you need to understand the process and feel comfortable with it. The electrologist will give you before an after treatment care instructions, and let you know when the next treatment should be.

While in the office, check for Cleanliness, Professionalism and Confidentiality. Make sure they abide by the sterilization rules and protocol (sterilize tweezers, wash hands, use disposable gloves, disposable needles) and practice good hygiene, are courteous and respect your privacy.

Your comfort zone – while the minute electricity electrolysis uses can cause some mild discomfort it should not be extremely painful and you should not feel like they are pulling the hair. Don’t be afraid to let them know if it hurts, they have their means to make you comfortable either by using numbing cream or ice to cool the area.

Ask about Office Policies– their hours, how soon you can get another appointment, their cancellation policy etc. As you expect efficiency and professionalism from your electrologist, you in turn should be respectful and considerate of their policies too.

At Hairless NYC Electrolysis Clinic we have the best team of certified Electrologists. We keep up to date with seminars and new developments in our field. Being members of the AEA and NYEA helps us keep in touch with other practitioners and their experiences, as well as help clients with referrals for when out of state. Our Electrolysis machines are of the latest technology, Apilus machines are the best recommended. Practicing all the rules and regulations of sterilization are of the utmost importance to us. Confidentiality, efficiency and great atmosphere is what we take great pride in. By providing a thorough consultation/evaluation we make sure that not only we get to know our clients and make a plan as individual as they are, but they also have a clear understanding of the process and what to expect.



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