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May 29, 2015
How safe is Electrolysis?
July 7, 2015

Electrolysis and men?For many men, temporary hair removal regimens are essential to attaining a well trimmed look. However, shaving, tweezing, threading etc are only temporary and they do not work long term.

Electrolysis has become the only permanent hair solution. It gives you that smooth, sleek sculptured look in every area of the body and every type of skin. Some common areas of treatment are:
*eyebrows, especially if a unibrow is of concern
*beard sculpting, to eliminate shaving on the cheeks and neck
*neckline hair, to treat skin irritations and ingrown hairs
*ear hair
*back hair and shoulder hair.
*hair can be safely and effectively removed from the groin and genital area.

The length of a treatment, and the number of treatments to complete the process, will depend on the amount of hair to be removed. Also there are other factors that can influence the duration and frequency, like:
*previous temporary hair removal methods
*hormone function
*certain medications

It is important to know that consistent clearings, of any area, will achieve permanence sooner than having sporadic treatments. Your professional Electrologist, after a thorough and confidential consultation/evaluation, will provide you with a tailored treatment plan that will address your specific areas of concern.

With continually advancing technology, equipment and treatment protocols, Electrolysis is more comfortable and effective than ever before.
You can transform your image to attain that confident, stylish, well-groomed look you deserve!

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