The Consistency of Follow up Treatments
October 10, 2014
2012 Best Of Manhattan Award
October 10, 2014

We Absolutely Believe in Permanent Hair Removal

Because of all the steps needed to make it right – IT is our passion! Science behind Electrolysis comes a long way since its breakthrough. Today’s state of the art technology is an amazing tool combined with the “know how” of the electrologist which assures the best successful treatment possible.

Your first meeting/Consultation is the road map of your future sessions:

a) History will come to play in choosing the best method for your type of hair – skin – sensitivity,

b) Revisit of past temporary removal; when started, frequency, duration of the process, amount of hair.

c) Now, feedback established, forecast scheduling takes place to give a sense of what is right now and moving forward.

d) When one opts to start the treatment the same day, the magnifier will determine; duration of treatment, set up correction (if need it), precise future visits.

e) Consistency of the schedule will guaranty effective, successful treatments.

There is nothing more rewarding as a client and as a professional to regain A Beautiful Skin.

As a Team, all of us this coming November, will continue our education through a Conference in Massachusetts – so we can deliver the upmost quality of service to our loyal clientele.

“Intolerance of your present creates your future.”

–Mike Murdock

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