Electrolysis and Skin Pigmentation
October 10, 2014
New Orleans Continued Education-Part 2
October 10, 2014

Hormones changing might be the culprit!

Speak to us about it – this is an annoying, unpleasant time. Your mood swing, too hot, can’t sleep, your well-being is challenged – could it be menopause? But you’re only 40ish! Perimenopause? Possible, with the same symptoms as menopause, speak with your doctor is your first step – but why the facial hairs?

Perimenopause is the time when your body begins the transition into menopause. It can last  from two up to eight years experts say and estrogen levels rise and fall irregularly. With such unevenly cycle as long or short, some women can experience changes as early as in their 30’s. Dr Christiane Northrup addressed such a concern among women in her acclaimed book Women’s Bodies Women’s Wisdom

Why is it that NO One alerts you about your possible unwanted hair growth, at this crucial time of your life? http://bit.ly/Hcl1Cf

Yet, it has been the fact of time – remembering the women in our life – our mothers and grandmothers and the others in ancient era with their alternative ways to manage this ordeal.

Fortunately, today estrogen hormone replacement (HR) therapy or combined with progesterone, may address some physical relieve – but not necessarily diminish or eradicate existing unwanted hair.

Permanent solution (electrolysis) is the long term rescue, to free one-self from this hovering perpetual situation. Each destroyed hair follicle (more then 1500 per sq inch) by electrolysis, does have the benefit to give back the skin-glow by clearing therefore smoothing the under-skin-layer (bump) cause by ongoing hair growth.

Long Term Permanency has always been our Goal because Electrolysis is what we know best!

“Success is not a matter of chance, it’s a matter of choice”.


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